Rules are subject to change from time to time and without notice.
So, please visit every now and then to refresh your understanding.


Welcome to the Shadows & Impressions Creative Writing Club!
And … yes, while S&I wants you to have fun, there are some rules.


The rules do change from time-to-time and, generally, without notice. Members should review rules regularly. S&I welcomes any club suggestions through the club email.

Membership - General:  Membership in S&I is $10/month, pay-as-you-go. If you don’t have work to submit one month – don’t pay! You never lose your membership (unless you break the rules, of course) and your name stays in the directory.  You need not fill out another application; simply go to PayPal and in the comments (along with the standard information) write “Renew.” You’ll just pick up right where you left off, even if it was a year ago! S&I does not have bi-annual or yearly memberships, and it only accepts payment through PayPal. You can pay any month you wish to participate.

Membership Agreement: The confidentiality and respect of copyrighted materials agreement at the end of this page. Just click agree and that’s it!  You must agree to the terms and conditions in order to become a member.

Membership Termination - Voluntary: If for any reason you are unhappy with your membership, please do leave an email explaining what the issue is or issues are so S&I can improve its services to its members. Your refund will depend entirely on how long you participate in the club, whether or not you actually submit any work. By default if you pass the half-way mark in any given month you’ll only a $5 return and after the 20th of any month no refund will be given.  You may file a written grievance if you are unsatisfied with this arrangement, but S&I’s decision on your case will be final. You may also request to withdrawal your name from the directory at any time, but do allow thirty (30) days for that request to go into effect.

Membership Termination – Involuntary: Membership in the S&I club is a privilege and like all privileges, if a member breaks the rules, the privilege is revoked. S&I will provide a violating member with one warning. After that membership is revoked, without refund, permanently without the option to renew.

Membership – Suspension
: In the event any members is found to be discourteous, rude, or any other general misbehavior you can think of in the forums on written feedback of any work a single warning will be issued. Upon a second offense, the member will be suspended for a period of three months (see refunds and terminations). If a repeat offense (even one) occurs after the member is reinstated, then that member shall be terminated as outlined in these Rules.

Peer workshops: Workshopping pages are available in poetry, fiction, and screenplay. Choose one or all three! No limits to your workshop involvement. Please refrain from use of any pornography in the club. That’s not to say your work cannot involve sex or sex play where necessary.

Works not allowed:  Anything that isn’t horror related (e.g., romance, historical, high fantasy, etc.) although you may have these elements in your works.

Uploads / Downloads:  No upload or download limitations. No catches. For each work you upload you must download a work to workshop. For example, if you have 5 works in one month that you want to workshop, then you must review 5 of your peers’ works. That’s the deal. This is a rule members should avoid breaking because doing so will result is a temporary ban from the workshop area for three (3) months on the second offense. More than two offenses will result in permanent termination of membership without the option to renew. So play nice!  Uploads should be in Word format and properly formatted for reviewers. Use the form located at the bottom of the workshop page to upload your file(s). The Administrator will receive your file and add it to the list of works to be workshopped or to those that have been workshopped. You may also download works from the site directly to workshop. If you have questions about this process, please feel free to contact the Administrator on the contact page. Files remain on the workshop page for the duration of the membership month. Files are then reviewed at the end of each month and compared to memberships for the following month. Members who are not workshopping in the next month will have their works removed. Because of this policy, it's important that you check the workshop chart often to download comments and suggestions from your peers during your monthly membership, and to be sure you have workshopped the same number you have uploaded. See the suspension policy section.

Educated feedback and Suggestions:  As an educator with expertise in poetry, fiction, and scriptwriting I will be available to provide detailed feedback, including story notes and suggestions on your writing style, form, technique, and grammar / punctuation for a fee of $10.00 for 5 poems, $20.00 for fiction under 5,000 words (query for longer works), and $15.00 (15 or less short), $30.00 (30 minute script), and $60.00-$90.00 for screenplays (60 to 90 pages – query for longer scripts). You will be able to request this on your workshop page. A PayPal purchase services button will be available in each workshop.  However, I will give feedback and suggestions to members throughout the month and this is part of your workshopping experience and free.

Professional feedback (visiting authors):  Once a month beginning January 1, 2015, the S&I club will invite a visiting author / poet / screenwriter to provide valuable information and input. He/She will interact with you in the forums where you can ask questions and read short posts that provide valuable expertise, tricks of the trade, and other useful information to S&I members.

Forums:  Forums for poets, fiction writers, and script writers are provided through Website Toolbox where you can share your ideas, issues, victories, and your experience with other writers in the same form and genre.

The forums are moderated for behavior and content. They are intended for serious writers to discuss their projects and ideas, as well as to present questions and provide information, in a safe and secure environment:

  • Be courteous to your peers when posting and responding, and be as helpful to others as you would like them to be to you. Respond in a constructive, but kind manner.
  • Keep the discussion writing/publishing related. You can debate all you wish; just don't argue in a degrading manner. This does not mean you can't have personality! By all means be curious, energetic, enthusiastic, and excited!
  • Online bullying, personal conversations not related to writing, personal or work-related attacks, and crude or rude behaviors toward others will not be tolerated. Violating members will receive only one warning. Thereafter, violating member will be removed from the forum. This rule obviously does not apply to characters!

Showcases in NT:  NT publishes 3 times a year (January, April, and August). In each of these months the Administrator will review all uploads in all forums and select five from each (when available) to showcase in the online publication. Winners will be notified via email.

Resources:  Members have access to all manner of writing resources and a market list. This area changes and grows constantly and members are welcome to request links be added or changed. Member may also request that NT add their websites the magazine’s Links page. The form can be found on the Resources page at the bottom.

Free advertising at NT and on the News boards: Members have access to club news and events. Members may add news, events, and publication credits to this are via a form email located at the bottom of the page.

Contact:  Members may contact the Administrator at any time for any reason by submitting an email form on the club Contact page. Adminstrator(s) will never contact members at home or by phone unless invited to do so. All communication will be done through email (e.g., publications, news, etc.).




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2. The member agrees not to disclose the confidential information obtained from the Disclosers to anyone unless required to do so by law or without expressed permissions.

3. This agreement states the entire agreement between the parties concerning the disclosure of confidential and copyright information. Any addition or modification to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by the parties.

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WHEREFORE, the member acknowledge that he/she has read and understand this agreement and voluntarily accepts the duties and obligations set forth herein.