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Be sure to view the workshop rules on the Rules page.

You may upload as many works in any single month as you wish. You must also, however, review that same amount from your peers. Uploads should be in Word format and properly formatted for reviewers. Use the form located at the bottom of this workshop page to upload your file(s). The Administrator will receive your file and add it to the list of works to be workshopped or to those that have been workshopped. You may also download works from the site directly to workshop. Files remain on the workshop page for the duration of the membership month. Files are then reviewed at the end of each month and compared to memberships for the following month. Members who are not workshopping in the next month will have their works removed. Because of this policy, it's important that you check the workshop chart often to download comments and suggestions from your peers during your monthly membership, and to be sure you have workshopped the same number you have uploaded. If you have questions about this process, please feel free to contact the Administrator on the contact page.