Shadows & Impressions is a horror writing club (see NT's guidelines or view an NT issue to see what the content of the club is all about) with dark and supernatural undertones. Horror, of course, is a relative term; for some this is blood and guts or aliens, for others ghosts and vampires. Whatever you have in your "horror" spectrum is welcome in the club. See the Rules in the menu for exceptions.

To join Shadows & Impression Creative Writing Club, please fill out the application below (required). To purchase your low cost monthly membership for $10.00, click "Subscribe" on the menu. Be sure to read the Rules on the menu. This section include Rules, Legals, and the Agreement. You will need to click "agree" on that page before you can become a member, so do that first.






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All information provided to the Administrator is strictly confidential; no personal
information is ever provided, sold or exchanged to any other venue or person.

Benefits of membership:

   Peer workshops in poetry, fiction, and screenplays

   No upload or download limitations

   Educated feedback and suggestions

   Professional feedback (visiting authors)

   Forums for poets, fiction writers, and script writers; share         your victories and your experience with other writers

   Showcases in NT

   Writing tips (all kinds) and a market list

   Free advertising at NT and on the News boards

   Speakers in the horror genre (articles and feedback)

   Low price (just $10/mo.). Pay as you go.
        No recurring monthly fees!

Everything you could want in a writing club for one low price and more is on the way!

















Thank you! Enjoy the workshop experience!

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