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The following represent Nefarious Thoughts' (NT) Legal Policies


This disclaimer is not meant to sidestep the responsibility for the material we will share with you, but rather is designed to emphasize the purpose of NT’s fiction and features, which is to provide information for the viewer's own purposes and entertainment. The subjects presented have been chosen for their educational and/or entertainment value. The information should not be considered to be completely error-free or to include all relevant information, or should it be used as an exclusive basis for decision-making. The viewer understands and accepts that if NT was to accept the risk of harm to the same from use of this information, it would not be able to make the information available because the cost to cover the risk of harm to all such viewers would be too great. Thus, use of the information is strictly voluntary and at the viewer's sole risk as noted on the entry page of this ezine.

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Copyright Statement for Publication Contributions

Presentation of material herein by Nefarious Thoughts is made possible by a limited license grant from the authors who retains all copyrights of the contributions. Duplication or further transmission of information contained at this site requires the express prior written permission of stated authors and/or NT personnel. All other elements of NT, such as its structure, organization, and design are also protected by copyright. For usage inquiries email Connie L. Sherwood, Managing Editor.

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It is the policy of Nefarious Thoughts to timely and effectively distribute materials. While contributors retain copyright for their contributions, NT acquires sufficient rights to permit it to accomplish its purpose. These rights include the right to distribute contributions online and online archiving, to incorporate contributions into other media for offline distribution and archiving, to add appropriate hyperlinks or otherwise integrate contributions into the larger body of relevant literature, and to maintain archives. Consistent with this policy, NT encourages reading of all materials. Other uses, such as redistribution or reprinting or copying or quoting are not permitted without the express written permission of the copyright owner, who will, in most cases be the author.

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If Nefarious Thoughts receives a complaint that any contribution to the Publication infringes copyright or other intellectual property rights or contains material inaccuracies, libelous materials, or otherwise unlawful materials, NT will notify the author and NT’s legal counsel to begin an investigation into the complaint. Investigation may include a request the parties involved substantiate their claims. NT, in coordination with legal counsel, will make a good faith determination whether to remove the allegedly wrongful material. A decision not to remove material should represent NT's and its legal counsel's reasonable belief that the complaint is without sufficient foundation, or if well-founded, that a legal defense or exemption may apply, such as fair use in the case of copyright infringement or truthfulness of a statement in the case of libel. NT will document its investigation and decision.


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