Published by: Random House; 2002; 654 Pages

"When Worlds Collide"

One word: awesome!

The Black House is an exceptional work of fiction. The characters are rich and spring to life with such vigor they literally jump from the pages and into your living room! Jack Sawyer, the x-detective from Los Angeles, Dale Gilbertson, the Chief of Police in French Landing, a gang of bikers, Tyler Marshall, a ten year old boy wonder, Judy and Fred Marshall, Wendell Green, a sleazy reporter who will do anything to get the story, Henry Leyden, a blind man that sees, and many more terrific and unforgettable characters await your discovery!

You'll be rooting for the good guys, booing the bad guys, nipping at the ends of your finger tips, and finding yourself both disgusted and awestruck at the same time. The plot is intricate with many twists and turns. It spans twenty years and five best sellers! It's expertly woven, keeping readers on the edge of their seats waiting for the next piece of the puzzle to unfold.

It all started 20 years earlier, when a boy named Jack Sawyer traveled into a parallel world known as the Territories to save his mother and her "twinner."

Now Jack is grown, resides in French Landing, a little piece of countryside heaven in Wisconsin. However, French Landing has begun changing, "slipping" as it were, and a mad man in the vein of serial killer Albert Fish is stalking the town kids and has been eerily dubbed the "Fisherman." The Fisherman has taken three children and kidnapped one. He is cunning and sly, but moreover, he is not merely human. More is happening to French Landing than it's inhabitants can comprehend. Only one man can understand this slippage and stop the carnage, and that man is Jack Sawyer, if Jack can remember . . .

Jack's been "asleep" for sixteen years, at least his memory of traveling to the Territories has been. When he starts having waking dreams of robin's eggs and red feathers that won't stop, Jack is ultimately drawn back into the Territories, back into his past, and instantly thrust ahead into destiny, which means entering a black house in the woods behind a "No Trespassing" sign that no one ever members being there . . . a house that holds the answer to rescuing a child from the hands of something much more sinister than the Fisherman, much more hideous and powerful and something dark and dangerous. The good news is that Jack has friends; he has his ability to "flip" between worlds, and he has touched the Talisman.
Awesome read! Black House is the sequel to the best seller written by Stephen King and Peter Straub some sixteen years ago, The Talisman. It is, however, much more than that. The book also links into the Stephen King's best selling series The Dark Tower where the lives of past and present collide into a tale of horror intertwined with fantasy. Even if you've not read the Talisman or the Dark Tower series, you'll be enthralled from the get-go. If you've read these other novels, then the Black House will have that much more impact.



















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Black House

Reviewed by C. L. Sherwood  Fantastic!

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