History.  Nefarious Thoughts is a site about seven years in the making.  In other words, I thought about it for about five years and have been working on it for two. I wanted a magazine styled site that accommodated literary and genre fiction, poetry, and articles.  I also wanted a site that could provide a friendly peer workshop writing environment, so the Shadows & Impressions Creative Writing Club was born.  In college I developed creative writing club websites and fell in love with idea of workshop environment online for writers to both practice and get feedback on their works -- a safe and secure place to practice and share with people of a like mind; a place to see and be seen; a place to display the work of the hopefuls and determineds of the world. As of 2016, the major portion of that dream has come to fruition in these pages.

Nefarious Thoughts. Nefarious Thoughts is a paid venue. However, we cannot pay writers market rates at this time, but hope to do so at some point in the future. We also offer contributor copies in PDF format and four month web exposure for our writers, poets, essayists, and artists, as well as proof and copies for our advertisers and sponsors. At the end of 2017, and thereafter every year at Chrsitmas, NT will print an anthology of that years content, showcasing all contributors (and advertisers). The anthologies will be avaiable for sale (contributors will receive a free copy) on the website. NT offers the reader dark fiction including horror, dark fantasy, dark sci-fi, supernatural, ghost, experimental, cross-genre storie, poetry, nonfiction articles / essays on the art of fiction and the publishing industry, book reviews, and interviews, and dark art including drawings, 3D art, photographs, and paintings. We offer a place for those starting out to test the water one toe at a time, for the experienced, yet unpublished author to gain exposure, and for the experienced published author to lend a mentoring hand.  In the future, Nefarious Thoughts, may transcend the average and evolve into yet greater things.

Contact Information. Nefarious Thoughts, c/o Connie L. Sherwood, Publisher & Editor, 234 Morrison Avenue, Lufkin, TX 75904. You can email me here:

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Publisher/Editor. The publisher of Nefarious Thoughts (managing editor, writer, designer, 3D artist, photographer, webmaster, and educator) is C. L. Sherwood (aka Sherwood Lee). At present Ms. Sherwood is working toward an Ed.D in higher Education with an emphasis in higher education online creative writing programs. Additionally, she holds a M.F.A. in Creative Writing for Entertainment - Script, with an emphasis in television, a M.A. in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing - Fiction, and a BA in English with a minor in Writing. You can look at her CV here. You can view her credentials here. Ms. Sherwood is currently an instructor for G.C.U. online. In addition, she has five ebooks of short dark fiction and poetry, as well her published thesis Primal Appetites, modern dark noir. She has developed several websites, including Write Spark (creative literary webzine for S.F.A.U.), Write Club (S.F.A.S.U.'s creative writing club), RAC Studios, as well as an independent horror movie site and a Chihuahua breeder site. She currently also works as an editor for multiple websites and books.





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